Our Products

Rainbow Rooster

We at our farms are successfully breeding the multi-color and dual-purpose roosters, that are capable to sustain any rearing conditions of the backyard. The rearing is done from the parent stocks that are properly vaccinated.


The tasty Asseel is the traditional poultry breeds of Andhra Pradesh that are grown tougher to provide lean meat. These birds are chosen from a selection against natural diseases. The taste of these birds is considered Premium in the elite urban market. The quality being provided by US is much superior to that of the availability in the market.

Brown Layer

This is the best Egg layer chicken that helps to meet the nutritional requirements of huge number of people of the country. Our Brown layers lay approximately 300 dark brown eggs a year. The colored male chickens are both tough and tasty like the Native poultry.

Colored Broiler

The colored broilers of our farms come to be slow and naturally grown, so that the meat holds enough water and bring a great taste to your mouth.

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